Weidmuller Power Supplies

The growing degree of industrial automation in production processes calls for the reliable guarantee of a 24-V-DC-power supply during ongoing operation, especially in the event of a fault. The Weidmuller modular power supply concept helps you to practically meet all of your requirements.

Power Supplies

Weidmuller Industrial Ethernet

The communication between components in the automation technology is increasingly realized with Industrial Ethernet. This technology is becoming more popular. The common goal of both manufacturer and user is to make networking automation system components easier and more effective.

Industrial Ethernet

Weidmuller Relays

Relay modules and solid-state relays from Weidmüller are noted for their reliability and durability. The Weidmuller product line not only includes industrial relays but solid-state relays, SIL relays and SSL relays for industrial applications. They are available in a range of designs from modular terminal housings to DIN rail-mountable sockets. They switch and amplify digital signals in automation technology applications and provide galvanic isolation from 5 V, 12 V, 24 V up to 230 V AC/DC. Different types of contacts such as NO, NC and CO contacts are available at the output.


Weidmuller Surge Protection

The importance you attach to surge protection depends on your appetite for risk. Lightning protection systems safeguard systems against fire or electrical destruction and protect people from injury. A lightning strike discharges several hundred kilovolts of electricity. Costly repairs, downtimes and sustained revenue losses can result in the absence of lightning arresters. Reason enough to protect yourself against damage by using VARITECTOR lightning and surge protection devices from Weidmüller.

Surge Protection

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