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Weidmuller Connectors

Being one of the most extensive product ranges on the market, RockStar® offers plug-in connectors for a broad range of industrial applications and uses.


A heavy-duty connector consists of a connector insert and its protective housing. The insert is therefore the heart of the heavy-duty connector. It is responsible for electrical functioning. Connector inserts from Weidmüller are made from high-quality insulation materials, which allow secure transmission of high voltages in a tight space. Moreover, we use only a single type of plastic in our entire product line. This plastic is UL listed, and suitable for railway applications. This allows unlimited world-wide use of the RockStar® connector.

RockStar® ModuPlug

With the RockStar® ModuPlug modular connector system, Weidmuller offer a high-performance and future-proof solution. You have more options and less planning effort. A real RockStar® is as versatile and variable as the industry sector in which it is deployed. Accordingly, it fulfills the requirements demanded of it in robotics as it does those in panel building, in wind turbines, in rolling stock and in tomorrow’s manufacturing, Industry 4.0

RockStar® IP65 / NEMA type 12, 4X housing

The special die-cast alloy and the multi-layered surface sealing provide complete protection for the HDC housings. The cleverly designed interlock system is manufactured from stainless steel. This guarantees a long lifespan with high resistance to corrosion and impact.
The housing interlock system provides integrated safety. Weidmuller’s unique, patented spring system provides the housing interlock with a secure grip and prevents accidental opening. The laser marking allows for easy and quick identification. Each housing is permanently labelled with a laser marking so that each product can be quickly designated and positioned. Weidmüller RockStar® IP 65 / NEMA Type 4X housings – your first choice for industrial housings with IP 65 protection.

RockStar® IP69K Housing

The new RockStar® enclosures are resistant to seawater and offer a high degree of shock resistance, meet IP 68 and IP 69K, and have been developed for use under extreme environmental conditions and designed for the high vibration requirements acc. to DIN EN 61373 cat. 2 (bogie). As such, this housing family is ideally suited for fault- and maintenance-free operation of heavy-duty connectors in transport and traffic engineering as well as in power engineering and in applications with extreme requirements. During development, measures were also implemented to make the enclosures extremely EMC-resistant.

Cable Glands

With blueglobe®, Weidmüller has introduced a cable gland from Pflitsch into its portfolio that convinces both in terms of reliability and functionality. A large sealing range from 1.5 to 77 mm thanks to removable inlets with just 11 cable glands, highly effective sealing, excellent strain relief and a groove-guided upstream O-ring – these are the features of the blueglobe® cable glands which Weidmüller offers in brass and stainless steel. The heart of the blueglobe® cable gland is the spherical seal insert that squeezes the cable gently and over a large area. This permanently avoids the incisive notch effect that is common with lamella systems.

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