weidmuller ex enclosures

Weidmuller ex Enclosures

Klippon® Protect application products are designed for specific protection requirements in the field. These include application solutions for monitoring and safety, instrumentation and control technology and power distribution. The basis for these application solutions is formed by high quality and comprehensive approvals for explosive risk zones. You can obtain enclosure solutions such as distributor boxes, terminal boxes and command and messaging devices from a single source and with a consistent enclosure design – for maximum safety, reliable functionality and low follow-up costs for maintenance, replacement and storage.

Power and Distribution

For installation of signal and power distribution in explosion hazard areas, various types of terminal boxes and junction boxes are available. The Terminal Boxes are approved according to the latest ex regulations and certified as equipment for use in hazardous areas Zones 0, 1, 2 and 20, 21, 22. They are approved and certified according to the international standards, types of explosion protection include Ex e, Ex ia, and Ex tb. Due to customized configurations of terminals and cable glands and various earthing options the Terminal Box will fulfill any installation requirements and gives the optimal solution for every application.

Instrumentation and Control

The growing complexity of industry-specific installations in explosive risk zones requires ever more complex solutions. For this reason, the enclosure assemblies have to withstand immense pressures in the field in order to be able to reliably protect the sensitive electronic and control components from external influences.

Monitoring and Safety

In assembled custom versions such as our Electronic Box and depending upon the enclosure design, up to 20 signal converters, additional modular terminal blocks for connecting up devices as well as intrinsically safe circuits can be attached. Depending on customer requirements, the devices with protection degrees Ex ia, Ex ib, Ex ic or Ex nA can be identified and operated. The standard version of the Electronic Box is shipped with an ATEX approval and the corresponding identification.

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