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Weidmuller Relays

Relay modules and solid-state relays from Weidmüller are noted for their reliability and durability. The Weidmuller product line not only includes industrial relays but solid-state relays, SIL relays and SSL relays for industrial applications. They are available in a range of designs from modular terminal housings to DIN rail-mountable sockets. They switch and amplify digital signals in automation technology applications and provide galvanic isolation from 5 V, 12 V, 24 V up to 230 V AC/DC. Different types of contacts such as NO, NC and CO contacts are available at the output.

The Weidmuller solid-state relays are controllable on the input side with nominal voltages from 5 V to 230 V. DC and AC outputs permit the switching and controlling of loads in a wide range of applications. The SIL relays in the SAFESERIES have been specially developed by Weidmüller to focus on the functional safety of your process and power plants in accordance with the requirements of EN 61508.

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Analogue Signal Processing

When used for industrial monitoring applications, sensors can record ambience conditions. Sensor signals are used within the process to continually track changes to the area being monitored. Both digital and analogue signals can occur.  Normally an electrical voltage or current value is produced which corresponds proportionally to the physical variables that are being monitored. Analogue signal processing is required when automation processes have to constantly maintain or reach defined conditions. This is particularly significant for process automation applications. Standardised electrical signals are typically used for process engineering. Analogue standardised currents / voltage 0(4)…20 mA/ 0…10 V have established themselves as physical measurement and control variables. Weidmüller meets the ever increasing challenges of automation and offers a product portfolio tailored to the requirements of handling sensor signals in analogue signal processing. The analogue signal processing products can be used universally in combination with other Weidmüller products and in combination among each other. Their electrical and mechanical design is such that they require only minimal wiring efforts. Housing types and wire-connection methods matched to the respective application facilitate the universal use in process and industrial automation applications.

The product line includes the following functions:

  • Isolating transformers, supply isolators and signal converters for DC standard signals
  • Temperature measuring transducers for resistance thermometers and thermocouples
  • frequency converters
  • potentiometer-measuring-transducers
  • bridge measuring transducers (strain gauges)
  • trip amplifiers and modules for monitoring electrical and non-electrical process variables
  • AD/DA converters
  • displays
  • calibration devices
Analogue Signal Processing Relays

Relay Module

Relays are available in different forms – from modular terminal enclosures to plug-in bases for terminal rail mounting.
For switching and amplification of digital signals in automation engineering as well as for electrical isolation between control and load circuit. The input voltages (coil voltage) lie between 5 and 230 V AC/DC depending on type. Different types of contacts such as NOC,
NCC and CO contacts are available at the output The use of different contact materials enables the switching of power ratings from just a few mW to max. 4 kVA.

Relay Module

Solid-State Relays

Solid-state relays are available in different forms – from modular terminal enclosures to plug-in bases for terminal rail mounting.
For contactless switching and amplification of digital signals in automation engineering. Based on a wide enclosure platform, Weidmüller has the optimum component for every application. Weidmüller solid-state relays are available with nominal voltages of 5 to 230 V on the input side. Optional DC and AC outputs enable the switching of loads in the most diverse applications.

Solid State Relays

Safety Relays

The SCS 24 V DC P1 safety relays should be used in areas where a functionally safe switch-off is required. The requirements of EN 61508, SIL 3 can be satisfied with this module.

  • With and without monitoring circuit
  • Wide-range input voltage in the monitoring circuit
  • Externally accessible fuse
  • TÜV certified “Safety Approved”
  • Optionally with G3 painting acc. to EN 60068-2-60
Safety Relays

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