weidmuller screw terminals

Weidmuller Screw Terminals

Whatever your requirements for the control cabinet, Weidmuller’s screw connection system with patented clamping yoke technology ensures the ultimate in contact safety. You can use both screw-in and plug-in cross-connections for potential distribution. Two conductors of the same diameter can also be connected in a single terminal point in accordance with UL1059. The screw connection has long been an established connection element to meet exacting demands in terms of reliability and functionality. The W-series is still setting standards.

Screw Terminals Catalogue – PDF

W series

Klippon® Connect with clamping yoke Technology
The high reliability and variety of designs of the terminal blocks with clamping yoke connections make planning easer and optimises operational safety. Klippon® Connect provides a proven response to a range of different requirements.



  • the maintenance-free connection means the clamping screw does not need to be re-tightened
  • can be clipped to or removed from the terminal rail in either direction

Time saving

  • quick installation as the products are delivered with clamping yoke open
  • identical contours for easier planning

Space saving

  • small “W-Compact” size saves space in the cabinet
  • two conductors can be connected for each contact point
  • the clamping yoke properties compensate for temperature-indexed changes to the conductor to prevent loosening
  • vibration-resistant connectors – ideal for applications in harsh conditions
  • protection against incorrect conductor entry
  • copper current bar for low voltages, clamping yoke and screw made of hardened steel
  • precise clamping yoke and current bar design for safe contact with even the smallest of conductors

Feed-through terminal blocks

Feed-through terminal blocks

Modular PE terminal blocks

Modular PE terminal blocks

Fuse terminal blocks

Fuse terminal blocks

Modular test-disconnect terminal blocks

Spring-loaded cable clamp

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