weidmuller screwdrivers

Weidmuller Screwdrivers

Precisely the proper torque! This is essential when accurate and effective work, as well as repeat accuracy are required: When tightening sensitive and expensive components during installation, the final inspection or during quality checking. The perfect job for the Weidmüller torque screwdrivers with the unique interchangeable bit system. Crimped conductors are fixed in their respective wiring spaces by screws or a direct plug-in feature. Weidmüller can supply a wide range of screwing tools. Weidmuller screwdrivers, available in four different handle sizes, are the result of a consistent ergonomic concept which takes into account the human hand and the different types of screwing jobs. The screwdrivers are your guarantee for perfect usage and handling of all handle sizes, maximum torques and optimum transfer of the axial force.

Type: SDI SL S3.5-6.5/PH1/2

Description of article: VDE-insulated Slotted and crosshead PH-SD screwdriver set
Order No.: 1274750000


Type: SDI Set S2.0-5.5

Description of article: VDE-insulated Slotted SD set
Order No.: 9205550000

SDI Set S2.5-5.5/PH1/2

Description of article: VDE-insulated Slotted and crosshead PH-SD screwdriver set
Order No.: 9009730000

Type: SK WSD-S 1,5-10,0

Description of article: Screwing tool
Order No.: 9008850000


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