weidmuller wire markers

Weidmuller Wire Markers

The MultiCard concept is the Weidmüller standard for modern, innovative identification and marking systems. With almost 200 variants, the MultiCard system offers you markers for terminals from Weidmüller and those of other manufacturers, conductors and cables, as well as devices and systems. The system concept features outstanding material and processing features and the product line is complemented by standard and custom printing options, the CableLine products and a large assortment of labels.


The Weidmüller range of conductor and cable marker products provides users with solutions for a wide variety of applications. The field of application ranges from thin conductors to cables with large outside diameters. The product range includes combination systems with individual tags, transparent sleeves and markers which can be fastened with cable ties.
Open and closed markers, as well as printed or blank markers for individual labelling are available. Weidmüller’s halogen-free and low-emission conductor markers are in compliance with European standards as well as with the in-house standards of well-known plant manufacturers.

Markers for conductors and cables – Systems are available for:

  • Clipping on pre-printed markers to suit individual labelling requirements
  • Labelling with characters from a standard character set
  • Combining individual, pre-printed characters to form a character code
  • Customer labelling with SMark laser, PrintJet, MCP Plus plotter, MC-Mobilo, laser printer (DIN A4 format), thermal transfer printer or STI pen

SlimFix > 0,25 – 16 mm²

SlimFix are conductor and cable markers with a space-saving design. The markers can be fitted even after the conductor has been installed. They consist of halogen-free material and comply with flammability rating V0/V2. SlimFix is an acknowledged and accredited marker type for traffic engineering applications. The SF tool allows easy installation, even in case of small markers.

  • Halogen-free material
  • Flammability rating V0/V2
  • Approved and accredited markers for traffic engineering applications, etc.
  • Has to be fixed with cable ties if the conductor cross-section is larger than 16.0 mm²
  • Markers in proven MultiCard format

SlimFix R

The Weidmüller range of conductor and cable marker products provides users with solutions for the most diverse applications. The range of applications extends from narrow conductors right up to cables with large outside diameters. Among the products in the range are combination systems with individual tags, transparent sleeves, shrink-fit sleeves and markers, which can be fixed with cable ties.

SlimFix Clip 0,5 – 4 mm²

The SlimFix Clip combines two advantages: its unique closure mechanism offers the reliability of a closed marker with the ease of installation of an open marker. The clip mechanism allows quick and convenient installation of the marker even after the conductor has been installed. SlimFix Clips are suitable for conductors and cables with an outside diameter of up to 5 mm. The large marking surface – up to 30 mm – enables long character strings. The material is halogen-free and complies with flammability rating V2.

  • Halogen-free material
  • Flammability rating V2
  • Fast installation without tools
  • Markers in proven MultiCard format
  • Available in the lengths of 12 mm, 21 mm and 30 mm


MetalliCards are available in aluminium or stainless steel to meet a wide range of labelling requirements. The chrome-coated aluminium tags are the inexpensive alternative for a variety of applications, and in particular, they prove themselves through the deep contrasts of their multi-colour print.

In the technologically demanding chemical and process industries, you are on the safe side when using the stainless steel MetalliCard with its outstanding resistance characteristics. Its formats cover the needs of the entire system-identification spectrum. Whether small equipment or type plates, they ensure high-quality marking processes. The MetalliCard also offers optimum installation characteristics. MetalliCards can be used universally thanks to various fixation options: bonding, riveting, with tag holders or rails, or in combination with stainless steel cable ties. A special punching in the SFX-M allows the use of steel cable ties.

WSM stainless steel markers

WSM is a complete marking system for cables, conductors, pipes and components – it offers permanent labelling in environments which no other marker is able to withstand. This product line consists of labelling plates, carriers and stainless steel cable ties – available individually or complete in the WSM Set and Service Box.

  • Sturdy embossed characters for maximum legibility
  • Resistant to heat, cold, corrosion, acids, chemicals, fire, etc.
  • Individual and multi-character markings, can also be combined
  • Quick installation
  • Ideal for outdoor applications
  • Easy attachment with cable ties

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